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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  August 17, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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talk a little redskins gearing up for the big game against the bears. >> brian and i kid about this because it's just preseason, but these games have a little
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bit more importance just because it's rg3 and it's his first time out there and this game saturday night is a big one because all eyes will be on one robert griffin, iii as the skins travel to chicago to take on the bears. left tackle trent williams says he'll play in chi town because if there's one thing this offensive line must do it's protect that ferrari. saturday the starters will suit up for probably 30 to 35 plays or roughly a half. this is good news for rg3 fans who want to see the face of the franchise's workload. that will more than double in this game. last game the rookie took more than 14 snaps. griffin's teammates are eager to see what the next chapter brings in chicago. >> we all want to see more from him. you know, we ran the ball a little bit on the sideline waiting for him to throw the ball, throw the ball. you got to throw it a little bit. we're waiting for e flow to get opened up more.
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i'm excited seeing him out there. i'm always out there waiting for him to drop back and make something happen. >> running back tim hightower and roy helu are out for saturday night's game which is good news for rookie alfred norris, the all time winning rusher from his school. norris carried the ball 15 times for 54 yards against the bills. saturday is a new challenge running against the first team run and at this point everything is just gravy for the rook. >> i came from a 1-11 team, so actually getting drafted is a blessing in itself and just the opportunities i've been given since i've been here i'm not taking for granted and i'm trying to make the most of all the opportunities given to me. so i'm definitely excited and i'm having fun and i'm loving it. on tuesday starting quarterback c. judgment brown tore his acl ending his season. they'll have to battle it out to earn the job of no. 11 perry hills who has the hand
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of no. 7 caleb roe, but how does the head coach feel with the quarterback situation with the season opener coming up on september 1st so quickly? >> i've been pleased with what i've seen. we'll be fine there. it's just that we got to keep getting him as many reps as we can and then again doing the things we know that they can, do but they absorbed a lot in a short period of time in 12 days and i'm pleased with where they're at right now. >> not an easy deal for the . the nats are back in town -- for the terps. the nats are back in town and the youngest nat was giving back, 19-year-old bryce harper arriving this morning at fairfax high school to host the baseball pro camp. the free event to over 200 area kids ages 6 through 14, the all- star also made a donation to the greater washington urban league. harper enjoyed hanging out with
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the youngsters. he's in the middle of the pennant race in his first season and hopes it's just the beginning of what to expect for a very good professional career. >> it's going to be a lot of fun the next 10 years. so having the team we have and the organization we have, we have a team that can produce hopefully the next couple years. i think every day trying to run every single ballgame, having the pitching staff we do and having everybody around us that we do really be great. >> oh, to be 19 again. tonight the o's hosting the red sox, bottom of the 2nd birds down 2-1, but o's in front at that point 3-1. top of the 6th, we're now tied and dustin pedroia, two outs and two on. manny machado can't get. it o's allow five unanswered runs and fall to the red sox 6- 3, but yes, it will be a very interesting september and
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october around here if the redskins with rg3 are better than we expect and if the nationals -- and we do expect them to be in the playoffs -- should be a very exciting time around here. >> if, if, if. >> i'll be back tomorrow at nationals park when the mets come into town for the first of three. >> thanks. coming up next the campaign trail getting a little nasty this week. the white house takes a shot at a former presidential candidate while a business turns away vice president joe biden, both those stories on the other side of the break.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. in the race for the white house medicare, running mates and tax returns were the big issues on the campaign trail today. mitt romney and his new running mate worked to stay on the offensive while president obama defended vice president biden. fox's jennifer davis reports.
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>> reporter: mitt romney rolls up his sleeves and pulls out a white board to literally sketch out the differences he sees between the president's medicare plan and his own. >> there's no change in medicare for seniors, none under my plan. >> their plan makes seniors pay more to help finance another tax cut for folks who don't need. it. >> reporter: medicare has become a new flash point of the campaign since romney tapped paul ryan as his running mate because romney proposed to transform medicare in his budget plan offering an alternative to the president's proposal. >> it shifts costs to seniors. the president's plan does none of that. >> he raided $716 billion from medicare to pay for obamacare. >> reporter: romney remains on the offensive promising to restore what the president cuts while the president is appealing to seniors warning the gop plan would eventually cost them an extra $6,400 a year. >> there is no doubt there are a lot of conservatives who really want to have and are
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hungry for this policy debate. >> reporter: on another tactic the white house says despite some recent gaffes by joe biden he remains the president's vice presidential pick even though john mccain for one says biden should be replaced. >> i have great admiration and respect for senator john mccain, but one place i would not go for advice on vice presidential running mates is senator mccain. >> reporter: romney stopped to settle questions on another issue, his taxes. he did not release more records but said he reviewed them and said he has not paid less than 13% any year in the last decade. jennifer davis, fox news. >> mitt romney's running mate paul ryan will make campaign stops in virginia tomorrow. ryan will attend a rally at 11 a.m. in glen allen at deep run allen. the doors at west springfield will open at 1:15 and ryan will also speak there at 3:00.
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joining us to talk more about this is fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin. let's start in virginia where ryan will make his appearance tomorrow. the commonwealth is shaping up again to be a key battle ground state. you think it could come down to two counties in particular? >> that's what people are talking about. it's 13 electoral votes. it went for the democrats for the first time since 1964 and they're really zeroing in on prince william and loudoun county. bob mcdonnell won those counties when he ran for governor in 2010. virginia did very well in house seats in those areas, but you know how much money is being spent on this network and other networks and the whole election might come down to two counties, prince william and loudoun if it's a tough race because the way they go as bellwethers is the way the state might go. >> let's turn our attention to how this race has turned so ugly recently looking at
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pennsylvania, now about to see the first court battle over pennsylvania's new law requiring voters to show valid photo id. what's the status in that fight? it's become so controversial. >> well, a state judge, judge robert simpson didn't grant anne junction. the republican legislature -- an injunction. the republican legislature which controls both houses signed a law which said you have to have a state approved voter id and the state judge said that it's reasonable, nondiscriminatory and a nonsevere burden. the democrats feel that 18% of philadelphia, which is heavily democratic, doesn't have state approved ids. now they're going to appeal and go to the state supreme court which is evenly divided between three democrats and three republicans. if they vote, if there's no decision there and they tie, then the simpson decision is
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upheld and maybe the justice department will get involved, but the u.s. supreme court said that indiana's case which is similar to pennsylvania is legal. so pennsylvania is a big important state. democrats have carried it all the way back to 1992. there are 20 electoral votes and they're worried they might lose it based on this decision. >> do you think they can shake this out before november? >> i don't know. it's really up in the air. i'm supposed to know these things, but i think neither side knows whether or not the supreme court will take it and they don't know what the u.s. justice department will do. so it's really up in the air and that means that pennsylvania is up in the air. >> one to watch for sure. thanks very much for being with us, fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin. >> thank you. when politicians come calling, usually businesses jump at the chance to host them, but that wasn't the case for this cupcake shop in
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radford, virginia, the owner telling vice president joe biden no thanks when he wanted to drop by for a visit. chris mcmurray said he was turned off by president obama's recent comment that small business owners didn't build them on their own. >> very simply we didn't build that speaking to small businesses and entrepreneurs across the country and actually my wife was up all night long, did not sleep. she worked a full 24 hours. >> mcmurray and his wife opened up their cupcake store three months ago. while the vice president's visit might have generated publicity, he said he had no choice but to turn the vice president down. more speed cameras going up in school zones, up next wait till you hear how many tickets one county issued last year alone. talk about more pain in the gas tank, prices rising for the 8 tonight straight day and we might not see -- 18th straight day and we night not see relief soon because oil prices going
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hire up to 95 bucks a barrel. more shoppers are bargain hunting which has wal-mart raising its official outlook the rest of the year, but investors hoped for better sales last quarter and that had wal-mart stock falling on the day. another round of motor recalls from chrysler pulling back close to 1,700 dodge durango suvs. some of the rear side air bags may not work during a crash. generally not a good thing. and some cheap furniture and cheap hotels, kia best known for its building yourself budget furniture was launching a budget hotel chain. the first two hotels are expected to open in europe with no idea whether it will include kia furniture. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. i'm barack obama and i approve this message seen this? mitt romney claiming the president would end welfare's work requirements?
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the new york times calls it 'blatantly false' the washington post says: "the obama administration is not removing the bill's work requirements at all." in fact, obama's getting states to move twenty percent more people from welfare to work. and president clinton's reaction to the romney ad? it's just "not true." get the facts.
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barack obama has a long history of opposing work for welfare. "i was not a wild, huge supporter of the federal plan that was signed in 1996." [ male announcer ] on july 12th obama quietly ended work requirements for welfare. you wouldn't have to work and wouldn't have to train for a job. mitt romney strongly believes work must be part of welfare. the romney plan for a stronger middle class: it'll put work back in welfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. drivers beware, police in prince george's county want to
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remind drivers to slow down near school zones. classes resume next week in the county and speed cameras are posted around most schools. last school year the cameras generated nearly 350,000 tickets. along with slowing down near schools, aaa advises drivers to watch out for bicyclists and distracted driving and to watch out for children when they put their cars in reverse. when a michigan woman woke up as a millionaire this morning, the ticket was sold in gas station about 45 miles north of detroit. when the winner shows up they have the option of walking away with a lump such 241 mill. there was only one jackpot winner. there was a million dollar winner in our backyard sold in falls church. you must match the first five numbers missing only the powerball. the winner there has not come forward yet either. >> it's not gary mcgrady because he's still at work and
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has your weekend forecast coming up. >> plus more fast food joints offer healthier choices, but experts still have a few problems with these new menus.
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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fast food restaurants are trying to offer better choices to health conscious coupes, but health experts warn you still -- customers, but health experts warn you still have to watch what you eat. >> reporter: when you think fast food, burgers and fries come to mind, but for those who are health conscious, mcdonald's and other fast food chains say they're having so much success selling healthier options they're expanding those choices. just this summer mcdonald's launched a new nationwide launch of favorites under 400 calories menu featuring burgers, sandwiches, smacks and beverages easy on the
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waistline. >> we are helping customers be their own champions of choice. >> reporter: even happy meals are evolving. >> we took the fries and brought down the portion size a little bit and we added automatically apple slices. >> reporter: other food chains are following suit. burger king introduced more than a dozen new menu items including garden fresh salads, veggie burgers and real fruit smoothies. both burger king and mcdonalds have switched to transfat free cooking oils like canola. >> we're also taking steps by 2020 to reduce the number of calories, saturated fat and added sugars. >> reporter: but that's hard to swallow for some experts. >> a healthier oil is a step in the right direction, but we're really kidding ourselves if we think we can eat very much fried food. >> reporter: critics say calorie counting isn't america's strongest suit and most consumers don't know when to stop making the obesity rate in the amongst the highest in the world. >> the halo effect is exactly
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what they're buying with this favorite for under 400 calories. so smart it rides this wave of everybody thinking they're making healthful decisions and so yeah, it's still a milkshake or burger or fries or soda, but if it's under 400 calories, it gets a halo. >> reporter: mcdonald's head chef said ultimately the solution is not the menu. it's up to you and me to eat smart. one thing is for sure. if mcdonalds and other fast food empires are emphasizing healthier choices while keeping burgers and fries, it's because it makes good business sense. in new york i'm mark siegel, fox news. >> getting enough sleep is also part of a good health regimen. >> don't they say eight hours a night? we're not getting. it at this point we might as well get a big mac on the way home. >> those darn kids will be waking ups at 6:00 in the
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morning. >> we'll be dead. they'll be waking us up in a few hours. listen, it's been a warm day but a nice day. the lower humidity has been a treat for august. it looks like they'll cruise up later today. still temperatures, it's been taking a while for the temperature in town to cool off a little. it is 78 degrees in town right now, just last hour 81. look at some of these numbers out in the suburbs, though, already 68 for frederick, manassas 66, culpeper 66. they are dropping and in some cases lower 60s before it's all said and done. farther west maybe a few upper 50s, okay? but the relative humidities are on the increase and they will jump back up for tomorrow, not too bad, but it's going to be a bit more humid tomorrow than today or earlier yesterday. highs yesterday 91 reagan national, dulles 87, bwi 88. fair skies on top of us right now. large complex of showers and thunderstorms coming down this
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evening. it moved through nashville about an hour ago. there have been reports of 60, 70-mile an hour winds, lots of damage reports up into kentucky, illinois and indiana as this has been moving several hours now. it's weakening a little bit, but it does look like it will hold together to make it into northern parts of alabama, mississippi and even northern parts of georgia, too. this was kicked off by the same frontal system that will bring us showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. in terms of the high temperatures today, a little glitch in the computer here, let's see if the numbers will come in. if not, i'll just say there is a little cooler air up to the north behind the front. that will cool us down. this is the setup for the weekend. tomorrow showers, thunderstorms out ahead of this front, but as the front moves through tomorrow night and early saturday morning, that's really when it's going to bring the shower and thunderstorms through and then cooler air will settle on in. we're talking 60s for lows
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areawide and i think some upper 50s, too, this weekend and temperatures struggling to get up into the 80s it looks like with some sunshine on saturday. we're 83. right now it looks like sun i'm going to keep it 80 -- sunday i'm going to keep it 83, but i'm contemplating bringing it down a bit because we'll have some clouds sunday. overnight 72 in the city. since we switched over into the new day we're having computer issues. these are the numbers tomorrow you can see, temperatures not warming up. we'll be up into the 80s and 90s areawide tomorrow. this is the setup by tomorrow afternoon, 5:00 here showers and thunderstorms again out ahead of the front. as the front comes through, we will dry out. this is saturday morning at 9 a.m. looks like most of the rain now by 9 a.m. has shifted across the bay. so saturday at this point is looking real nice. at this point it looks like


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